Terms of Use

Ksmart is Virtual Top-up company in Nigeria. As a user on ksmart.con.ng, you get access to Cheap Data bundle, Discount on Airtime (MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL) and pay less. We give you opportunity to make a good profit or save cost. You can as well for electricity and Cable TV bills (GOTV, STARTIMES, DSTV) Fast, secure and easier. Our services are fully secured & automated, so you can be sure of fast and instant transaction.

How does it Work?

Here in Ksmart, we are devoted to help you get connected without stress. We help you to make profit or save cost. Using this website is very simple:

  1. Register
  2. Fund Your E-wallet
  3. Good to go: Instantly buy Airtime, Data bundle at a very cheap price & Pay electricity and Cable TV bills (GOTV, STARTIMES, DSTV)

We have give more explanation here

Delivery Issues

Our website is automated, and we deliver airtime, electricity and cable tv bill orders almost instantly. However, we deliver data bundle almost instantly as well within 1 second to 30 minutes please don’t lay any complaint as this time. You need to know that, sometimes we may experience downtime due to congestion and server. You can always check your transaction history and verify if it is successful or not. We won’t charge you if your order is not successful. If you check your transaction history and your order status display successful then you will surely get what you ordered for but if we charge you and your order is not delivered in 4hour above then chat with us on whatsapp no 09036931381

Attention: If your data is delivered and you lie then your account will be banned once we find out.

Refund Policy?

We won’t deduct any amount from your ewallet except your order is successful. We refund But please note that we won’t refund your wallet if you enter a wrong number when your order for airtime or data because the problem is from yo so always check the number very well. You don’t need to rush.

Always wait patiently for any page to be fully loaded. Do not refresh/reload always look at the top of your browser to see in the page is fully loaded because you will run into problem if you keep refreshing a page and we won’t be responsible for any loose this cause you.

We won’t refund any order once it is successful whether buy mistake or you process once order twice.

Attention: If you request for refund when not necessary, we can ban your account. So check for what your ordered for very well if not delivered before you let us know.


Our website is secure but common sense must not be neglected. Never disclose your username and password to anybody because we are not going to refund if you allow scammers to get access to your account through negligence. So always keep your account login details save and use a very strong password.

You also need to read our privacy policy

Price changes

Virtual Top-up/Telecommunication services price is not stable . We can change our price list at any time.

By using this website, you hereby agree to our term and conditions.