How to check Airtel number

Are you looking for How to check Airtel number? You are covered. I will show you step by step guide on how to check airtel number without stress.

How to check airtel phone number

Maybe you have even misplace your sim pack, you don’t need to panic. This guide is for you.

I won’t waste your time here, Just read along and I will show you different ways to check airtel phone number fast.

In order to know your phone number, Follow the steps bellow:

Dial *121# with your airtel line that you forgot the phone number, Press 3 for Account Info in the options given, then Press 4 to Check My Phone Number. Your phone number will be reveal.

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You can also Call a Friend or Family To Get the Number

I hope this should be the simplest way to know your phone number, just call your friends number and tell him to sent the number that appear to you. You number will show in the phone of the person you called.

Call customer care and ask for your phone number

You can also call Airtel customer care and ask for your number. Airtel customer care line is 111